Ten-bedroom cottage

The rent of this cottage is suitable for various celebrations - birthdays, christenings, hen-parties, office parties or simply spending time with friends or family.
There is a cozy warm colored wooden interior and all the necessary conveniences in the cottage.
On the first floor of the building there is a hall for 10-15 people, a kitchen with all necessary utensils, a shower, a toilet, and a spacious Russian bath.
There are two bedrooms on the second floor.

The price per day - from €150 to 180 / day. The price depends on the number of people and the duration of the rent.
Not at the weekends and not on the holidays, staying for less than 6 people - the price is negotiable.
If you stay for only one night the bedding fee is € 3.
For two or more nights, bedding is included in the acommodation price.


The campsite

The territory of the rural tourism campsite is 3 ha with 100 m shore of the lake.
A large space for tents and tables is located just by the lake.
You will be able to choose the most suitable place for your rest and conveniently have a picnic.
You can park a car or a camper besides, and there will be enough space to set up the bower tent which you brought with yourself as well.
For those who want to make food on the bonfire we provide all necessary utensils - grills, skewers, grids and, sure, birch firewood.
There is a drinking water borehole in the territory of the homestead and there are toilets and showers in the nearby building.
This type of rest is most suitable for families with children, and there is also the possibility to bring your pet, for example: a dog.

The place for tent for up to 4 persons - € 5 per day
Person’s fee - € 5 per day
For children 6-14 years old - € 2
For children under 6 years old - free
Pet fee - € 2 per day, € 5 per room
Car fee - € 2 per day
Parking space for a camper - € 7 per day
A camper - 10 € per day
Electricity connection - € 4
The armful of birch firewood - 4 €


Four-bed cottages

The cottage is designed for families and couples to relax.
This is a separate one-bedroom cottage with a kitchenette on the outdoor terrace.
The room is cozy, with a fridge, tea pot, cooker, and necessary dishes.
It's a pleasure to sit on the outdoor terrace both in the evenings and in the afternoon, with no fear even during the rain.
The conveniences, toilets and showers, are located in the nearby building.

€ 60-70 (4 persons / day)
If you stay for only one night the bedding fee is € 3/a set
For two or more nights, bedding is included in the accommodation price.



Our homestead area is 3 ha with 100 m shore of the lake.
The territory is closed - from the three sides it is surrounded by the forest, and in the front there is the Lake Siesartis.
This is a great place to arrange gatherings.
We offer organisational services of the event.
We can make fish soup.
We organize orienteering race.

Negotiated price


The rent of the bower tent

Easy set up bower tent of 50 sq. m accommodating about 50 people is rented.
Price - € 30 / day without transportation and accommodation services.


The camper

This is a two-room camping vehicle with a mini kitchen.
There is a bedroom with a double bed and living room with 3 couchettes.
So, there can stay 5 people in the camper.
There is a TV and all necessary kitchen utensils.
Price 70-80 EUR / day for 5 people.
Toilet and shower in common areas.



Rent of the rotisserie - € 3 / day (Only for visitors of the campsites).
Grills and skewers are free for those who is living in the cottages.
The armful of the birch firewood - € 4