Paddleboard rent

NEW! 24 h/25 €, 1 h/8 €.

Wooden tub

NEW! Heating 80 €


The baths are situated right by the lake; therefore, it is convenient for swimming after the bath. The steam bath will help you to relax, refresh your body and soul, reduce tiredness and will give new strength. In the baths, you can pour water on the stones for making steams and in this way adjust the temperature. Russian bath - €50 / 2 hours for up to 10 people. (For an extra person - € 2) Mobile sauna - € 50 / 2 hours for up to 6 people. (For an extra person - € 2)



The lake Siesartis is abounding in fish, there are a lot of pikes, carp breams, roaches, and tenches. The lake is rented by the Molėtai Hunters and Fishermen Association. You can fish on the shore of the lake or from the boat. You can obtain permission to fish in the Environmental Permitting System (ALIS) The permissions bought in Perlas terminals are not valid!



This is great entertainment for active, interesting and funny spending your leisure time. You can arrange sailing race or a cognitive sail around the islands of the lake. Hiring two-seater canoe for sailing in the nearby lake costs € 20 per day or € 4 per hour. Organizing canoe trips in the rivers - € 20 / day + transportation services - € 0,50 / km.

Water bikes

Another attraction of the rural tourism is 2-person water bikes. It's an entertaining, enjoyable and healthy recreation when you want to spend time actively and beneficially. Especially it is suitable for couples, because there is a possibility to arrange a romantic ride around the islands of the lake. € 12 / day € 3 / hour


Four-seat plastic boats with oars. Neat and tidy. It is convenient to visit the beautiful islands of the lake, you can fish or just calmly sail and explore the surroundings of the Lake Siesartis. € 15 / day € 4 / hour


Mobile sauna

Just a couple meters from the lake there is a mobile sauna, where 6-8 people can together take a sauna. This is a Russian steam bath. Price € 50 / 2 hours

Volleyball court

There is a free, long, and tidy volleyball court in the yard. It is jolly way to spend time, especially, in the summer. There can play a lot of people, for best experience in teams. So, do not forget to bring the ball and have fun in the yard of the homestead! Free.